Say hello to the 2015 Fitness America Champion. Mike competed in the  Musclemania/Fitness America weekend held at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Click to see clips of his performance. 

Mike's new creation 'Hip-Hop Fit' where dance meets fitness. The program is changing lives,bodies and minds. Visit www.hip-hopfit.com below. 

Making new and exciting moves with the DanceOn network family. Working on something to help change your life, inside and out. This is where Dance meets fitness. 

Have you missed an episode of Mike on season 4 of Dance Showdown? Mike is one of the Pro-dancers/Choreographers on this season for the DanceOn network. 

Go check it out and VOTE for #Gunz&Glam 

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Get your tickets! First Stop San Jose CA, March 11th-13. Use code "hiphopfit" to get a discount on tickets