FLASH BACK to one of Mike Peele's Favorite dance videos! From the studio in Atlanta that he helped make a name around the world (Dance 411 Studio's) "She Ain't You by Chris Brown. Mike promise that new dance videos are coming soon.

Check out Mike Peele in the exclusive behind the sense footage of the Lexus NX commercial.

                                                          The Peele Effect


                                                                                                                                              Mike Peele                                

Mike Peele will be in Orlando Aug. 12th for the biggest dance fitness event ever! Mike will be a judge for Who Can Rock Da Crowd! Click flyer for information as well as tickets! 600 people already to attend, don't miss out on a weekend of Fun, fitness and dance. 

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You can see Mike Peele doing one of the things he loves to do best in the new world-wide commercial for Nike women. Mike is pumping so serious iron in the new Nike women commercial, check it out!

If you haven't seen Mike and some of his amazing solo dance performance in the latest Lexus commercial, your missing out. Click the play button and check out the high energy, sleek and sexy new Lexus commercial.